By digitising your company's checklists, we can help you to run all internal systems as smoothly as possible by providing staff with a secure and easy way to carry out any required compliance and/or safety checklists.

We have helped a number of businesses in this area by removing their need for manual systems, as well as any potential user errors associated with using spreadsheets and/or physical paperwork.

Using our proprietary low-code software, any paper-based form or checklist can be digitised with zero compromises on question layout or structure. Here are just a few of the different types of compliance checklists we can customise for businesses:

Driver / Vehicle Checklists: Driver details, def. driver course, vehicle registration.

Asset / Workplace Checklists: Location details, asset ID details, equipment checking.

Usage tracking: Odometer details, operational run count, asset cycles count

Reporting: Daily email reports, export for audit, multi-admin access

This solution is also suitable for organisations with deep audit requirements including ISO:9001.

There are two ways to digitise your checklists with us. The first option is through using our default code and configuring your checklist in our Checklist Management tool. Alternatively, you can send us a copy of the checklists you'd like to digitise and our team will put them in a free trial for you to start testing.

Here's an example of how to set up your own checklist using our default code:

  1. Sign in or set up your Comply Group account via our website and click on 'New Checklist Manager'

2. Create a title for your checklist and click on 'Create Manager'

3. Click on 'Edit Manager'

4. Enter your checklist questions into this section using JSON schema. We can do this part for you if you are unfamiliar with this method.

5. Expand the various tabs to further customise your checklist, then hit Save at the bottom.

Once you have configured your checklist, you can print out the unique QR code and place it in your workplace at points where workers are required to complete an asset safety checklist. The URL can be placed in your organisation's intranet or internal documentation.

All checklists and historical data can be viewed and downloaded at any time in the Checklist Dashboard.

There is also an option for you to print each individual checklist submission to review and sign off on.

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