In order to ensure the various rates of pay for each individual remain private and confidential between the employer and employee, we do not store any monetary values or rates of pay within the Timesheet Manager.

Instead, we store Pay Codes and Award rules. These features allow you to define the list of pay codes that your payroll system uses, and configure the rules that determine how those pay codes are calculated for an employee's shift.

When an employee clocks off, our system looks at the rules configured for their assigned award, determines how many hours they've worked and when they've worked, and calculates the pay code breakdown, including ordinary hours, overtime, meal allowances and RDOs.

These pay code + hour breakdown can then be exported from our system and imported into any payroll system, ensuring all staff members are paid correctly based on their award.

Pay Codes

Configure the pay codes here to match the pay codes in your Payroll system.

Here's how to set up your different Pay Codes:

  1. Under Pay Codes, click Configure

2. Click on 'add pay code'

3. Label your pay code and create a description to describe what the pay code signifies.

4. Pay Codes can be edited or removed at any time.


As is stated on Fair Work Australia, a modern award is a document which sets out the minimum terms and conditions of employment on top of the National Employment Standards (NES). Modern awards provide entitlements such as pay, hours of work, rosters, breaks, allowances, penalty rates, overtime.

An individual's award can be dependent on a variety of factors specific to both NES, as well as the contract they have signed with the company they work for.

The Awards feature in Comply Group's Timesheet Management tool enables payroll administrators to define an award or agreement with a selection of these rules configured, and then assign this award to employees, in order to calculate the correct pay codes for their shifts.

It is important to note that pay codes need to be created under 'Pay Codes' before configuring Awards.

Here's how to set up Awards for your employees:

  1. Under Awards, click Configure.

  2. Click 'set up award'

  3. Label the award interpretation

  4. Optionally check the box if you'd like to export the award code to payroll.

  5. Select minimum hours between shifts.

  6. Select how long a shift should be before the employee's standard break applies

7. Click on 'Add Rule' to attach pay code rules to each award.

8. Select the pay code (pre-configured in Pay Codes) and apply the calculation logic for that specific pay code, related to the award.

9. Repeat, adding as many rules as needed, to cover the requirements of the award or agreement.

10. When you have attached all desired rules and pay codes to the award, and then scroll down and click Save.

11. Awards can be edited, duplicated or removed at any time.

Once you have assigned your employees to a particular award, a number representing the amount of employees in each classification will be visible under the 'employees' column.

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