Timesheets can be consolidated into reports, with the ability to export the data for integration into any payroll system. Date ranges can be customised to ensure you are only capturing the data that you need based on pay cycles or any other company requirements.

At the moment, data is available to download in both MIF and CSV formats.

Here's how to generate a timesheet report:

  1. Under Reports, click on Generate New Report.

2. Select the file format you'd like to generate, and the date range of your timesheets. Then click on Generate Report.

3. When you click 'Download Data', this will create a password protected zip file containing a file with the pay-code / hours breakdown of all the timesheet records within the selected date range. Make a note of the password to ensure you will be able to open the zip file.

4. The file will automatically download to your computer. Open the zip file and enter in the password to access your timesheet report.

All historical timesheet reports are stored in the Reports dashboard, where they can be reviewed and downloaded again if required.

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