About this feature

The Timesheet Records Dashboard allows businesses to view and manage all timesheets submitted by employees. It provides detailed insight into each individual timesheet submission, with the ability to add a timesheet manually as well as edit, approve and archive the data.


  • Add Record: Manually add a timesheet record

  • Manage Users - Manage timesheet administrators and managers by assigning roles to select staff members and sending a secure invitation link, with expiry for added security measures.

  • Export: Export timesheet record data for payroll integration using a custom date range

  • Shift details: View shift details including expected start and finish times displayed against actual and paid start and finish times.

  • Employees: View all employees and filter by award rate, shift type, classification and company.

  • View clock on and off details: View the time when an employee has clocked on and off for work, including the distance in metres.

  • Flagged status: Filter timesheets that need to be edited or reviewed before archiving by labelling them as 'flagged for review'.

  • Archive: When you have reviewed the details of a timesheet, you can archive it and optionally remove it from the dashboard view. These can be retrieved at any required time.

  • Red Notices: If an employee has clocked on or off too late or early, or if they have clocked on or off at a distance, a red notice will appear against the discrepancy for managers to review.

  • Filtered search results: Timesheets can be filtered by flagged status, award rate, location, manager name, date range, archived and non-archived, active and non-active employees. You can also search for an individual's timesheet by searching for their employee number and/or name.

  • Audit log: View a log of all historical edits made to each timesheet.


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