This is the first step in setting up your Timesheet Manager. If you do not yet have an exisiting Comply Group Check-in Portal, you can set one up for your location here.

Once you have a live Comply Group location, you can connect a timesheet manager to it, allowing employees to both check into a workplace location, as well as clock on and off for work. This enables businesses to manage both employee contact tracing and timesheeting in the same platform.

There are several steps to setting up your Timesheet Manager, and we have written a collection of user guides to help you with the setup process. Follow the FAQ links at the end of this article to complete your Timesheet setup.

Firstly, here is how to set up a Timesheet Manager for your existing checkin location:

  1. Go to your checkin location and click 'Edit Location'

2. Scroll down and expand the Timesheeting tab

3. Click on the hyperlink link to first set up a Timesheet Manager for your organisation.

4. Label your new Timesheet Manager

5. Go back to your checkin location manager, edit location, and scroll back down to Timesheeting. Next, check the box to 'Enable timesheeting for this location'

6. Select your Timesheet Manager from the drop-down list

7. Expand the 'Geography' tab and follow the instructions to set up geofencing.

Here is an example of what it looks like to hone in on your location in and set up a geo fence for your location:

When you paste the code into the black space, this is what it should look like:

8. Scroll to the bottom and save.

Once your Timesheet Manager is fully configured and ready to use, here's what it looks like to clock on and off for a shift.

N.B. To complete your Timesheet Management setup, you'll need to configure the following (in this order):

- Pay Codes and Awards

- Shifts, Classifications, Companies and Public Holidays

Lastly, you can create profiles for your employees in your Timesheet Manager.

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