The Watchlist feature enables business owners to keep track of any particular people they know of and need to be notified of when they arrive at a location. This could be for several reasons including a VIP guest, person prohibited from entering the building (e.g. employee under suspension/investigation) or a potential security threat that staff need to be aware of.

Key Features

SMS notifications: notify one or more individuals in the company when a specific POI arrives on location.

Include headshot of POI: upload a photograph to a POI profile to help security and reception with verifying their identity

Notes for security/reception: POIs can be classified as a potential security threat, or a VIP to ensure reception or security know the appropriate actions to take.

Here's how to set up your Watchlist:

  1. Click on Add A Person of Interest Manager

  2. Enter in the name of the label you'd like to give to this particular POI Manager and then click Create Manager.

3. Click on Open Dashboard

4. You can enter in your Persons of Interest manually or via a bulk import - reach out to us and we can help you to correctly format and execute the bulk import.

Here's How to add a POI manually:

  1. Click on 'Add new Person of Interest'

2. Fill in the blanks

You can add extra numbers to receive notifications related to this particular POI.

Flag as security concern OR as a VIP

Upload optional headshot image for security to be on the look out for the particular POI.

3. Click 'Add' at the end when all configurations have been finalised.

Once a Person of Interest has been created, they can be found in the POI Dashboard.

Admins can view, edit and notify the POI relevant mobile numbers included in their configurations from the dashboard.

NB: You will need to configure your 'Watchlist' settings in your location before you can monitor POI checkins.

Here's how:

1. In your Check-in Manager, click on Edit Location

2. Scroll down and expand Watchlist.

3. Check the box to enable watchlist integration

4. Select your POI manager(s) that you previously created.

5. Scroll down to the bottom and hit save.

Now, when a Person of Interest checks in to your location, all mobile numbers previously added will be notified. POI's will also be made visible with a yellow 'watchlist' marker in the location checkin panel:

When you click on the name, the details of the POI will be visible, with the option to send a notification to the mobile numbers attached to that particular POI profile.

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