Our Visitor Management System provides companies with full access and control over the comings and goings of their visitors. Staff can pre-book visitors in advance of meetings, and receive notification via email and/or SMS when they have arrived. The platform also accommodates group and spilt bookings.

There are a variety of solutions in the Visitor Management platform to cater for different concierge requirements, and we can tailor the platform for any sized business.

For example, for those businesses that do not have a dedicated concierge or reception desk, you can set up a secure check in kiosk for visitors. There is also an option for visitors checking in to directly notify meeting organisers they have arrived via SMS, without the need for a staff member to verify visitor arrival status.

Key features

  • Real-Time Visitor Register Panel: Gain oversight and control over all visitor bookings for the day, arrivals and departures via a central panel, with real-time updates.

  • Visitor Register Dashboard: Centralised overview of historical visitor data, with the ability to export and download at any time.

  • Group Bookings: Manage group bookings with the ability to check individuals in separately by splitting the booking.

  • Watchlist: Create a list of people that are known VIPS or potential security threats, with internal notes for security/reception to take appropriate steps when they arrive (read more here).

  • Internal location and meeting details: Capture the details of each visitor when they arrive, as well as their specific location in the building.

  • Dropdown Selection Box: Visitors can select the contact they are meeting with from a dropdown box, and then notify that person directly via SMS when and where they have arrived in the building.

  • Instant SMS announcements: Deliver an SMS to everyone currently checked in to a location.

  • Real-Time Self Service Portal: Set up the panel on a shared mobile, tablet, and/or desktop computer for people to manage their own check-ins.

To start making use of these features, you need to have an active Comply Group Check-In Location. Then, once you have set up your visitor register, you can link it to your location.

Here is how to link your visitor register to your location:

  1. In your location manager, click on 'Edit Location'.

  2. Scroll down and expand the Visitor Management tab.

  3. Under the 'Integrated Visitor Registers tab, select your location. Then scroll down and Save.


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