This article will take you through the steps required to book a guest in advance using Comply Group's Visitor Management tool.

Before booking a guest for your location, you will need to link your location to your visitor register. Click here to learn more.

Once a Visitor Register has been created, admins can either print and scan the unique QR code, copy the URL and paste into their browser, or click on 'New Visitor Register Portal' within the Visitor Register account.

Follow these steps to complete your booking:

  1. Enter in the visitor's full name and their mobile number if required. If this is a group booking, add in each name by clicking on 'add more visitors'.

2. Enter in your information

3. Provide your contact details.

4. Select one or more contact methods based on your notification preferences. i.e. if you'd like to be notified by SMS when your visitor has arrived, click 'Text Message'.

5. Provide details of your booking.

6. You can add an optional meeting note outlining the details of the meeting, or instructions for reception to carry out when they have checked the guest in.

7. Click 'Submit'.

Once submitted, a summary of the booking will be displayed. You can edit the booking or add more visitors to the booking by clicking on the text at the bottom of th summary screen.

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