This article will explain how to notify the meeting host that their pre-registered guest has arrived.

Firstly, when a visitor arrives, they will either check-in to the location themselves by scanning the location QR code; or speak to reception who will check them in manually.

Concierge staff can view visitor checkin details, (updated in real time) via the Visitor Register Panel.

The Visitor Register Panel provides an overview of all visitors. Any pre-registered guests who are expected that day will appear in the 'Expected' section, and those visitors that have checked in either by themselves, or manually by reception will appear under 'Arrived'.

Clicking on the icon beside the name will provide a summary of booking information for reception to view.

To notify the booking organiser, reception staff can click on 'Notify'.

A summary page of registrant information will display, with a section for reception to add an optional note about the guest, if required.

Then, staff can click on 'Notify' to send a notification to the meeting host.

The meeting host will receive an SMS to let them know that their visitor has arrived.

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