There might be a case where an employee with an existing passport moves departments or office locations, and the company has set up multiple passport managers based on the department or location.

Employers can now move that employee passport across to the passport manager corresponding to that new department or building they have moved to, retaining all data in the process.

Here are the steps for moving your passport between managers:

  1. In your Passport Manager Dashboard, locate your employee and click on Passport to the right of the screen.

2. You will be re-directed to their passport. Click on 'Update Passport'.

3. Next, click the dropdown box below 'Change passport manager' and select the passport manager you'd like to move the passport to. Scroll down and click 'Submit'.

4. Open up the dashboard of the passport manager you have just moved your passport into. If you search for your employee they will appear.

Note: if they do not appear, ensure you have refreshed your dashboard after the passport has been updated with the change.

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