Our Survey Manager allows businesses to create a digital form that is fully customisable to capture any additional information they require from those filling out the survey. This is also inclusive of any asset and safety checklists that require further customisation than the original product configuration.

It is worth noting that the Survey Manager is similar to our Workplace Checklist solution, with a few key differences which will be highlighted in this article to help you decide which product to consider for your business.

If you are unsure on which product is best for your particular use case, get in touch with us and we can recommend the best solution for you.

Comply Group Location/Passport integration

What's unique about the Survey Manager is it can be attached to an existing Passport Manager and Check-In location. Guests can check-in to a location and then be re-directed to the survey to fill in any additional questions required by the company at the time.

Red notice integration

Due to the integration with other Comply Group products, red notices can also be configured in the Survey Manager. For example if someone checks in to a location and answers a set of questions that go against the businesses' entry requirements, a red notice will appear preventing them from checking in and entering the location.

Configurable any time

Because the Survey Manager is a separate product to the check-in location and the passports, so it can be updated and altered regularly without the need to alter permanent settings in the check-in and passport managers. For this reason, it's

great for cases where custom questions need to be regularly updated and changed, potentially based on temporary requirements.

When configuring the survey, businesses have a blank canvas on which to build their custom survey, with the ability to ask multiple choice questions as well as questions that require further clarification by way of written description.

N.B. Our Workplace Checklist product also has the ability to add in custom questions, with the difference being that there are some additional sections hard-coded in the back-end that are specific to certain asset and safety requirements that cannot be altered or removed. This to ensure we included the necessary safety protocols for certain industries that require these safety checks to remain compliant and abide to strict law enforcements.

The Dashboard

In the Survey Manager, the dashboard shows an overview of submitted surveys, with a breakdown of submissions and issue count. Below is an example of the Survey Manager Dashboard view.

N.B. In the Workplace Checklist dashboard, the responses to each individual question are displayed, with an overview of each category that the question falls under. Below is an example of the Checklist Dashboard view.

In both instances, you have the ability of viewing the survey and checklist submissions, as well as editing, archiving and printing out a summary.

N.B. We are currently in the process of updating our Survey Manager to include a similar dashboard view, with the custom questions visible in the dashboard as is seen in the checklist manager dashboard.

If you'd like to set up a Survey Manager for your business, get in touch with us and we can discuss pricing options and turnaround time based on your specific requirements.

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