Employers can create compliance rules within their Passport Manager in order to capture any type of identification, document, accreditation or training certification.

Compliance rules are fully customisable, enabling you to name your compliance rule (e.g. driver's licence or working with children's check) and request evidence from your employees if required (photo/document upload). Requests for exemptions are also an optional feature, along with the ability to set up automated reminders and alerts.

There is also an option available to delete the evidence once reviewed by the administrator to ensure employee documentation is not stored in the system longer than necessary.

This article will walk you through setting up and customising a compliance rule.

Here's how:

  1. In your passport manager, click on Open Compliance Rule

2. Click on add new compliance rule

3. Customise your compliance rule

4. If you require a valid photo ID or document, you can request this from your employees and customise the amount of information you require in your request.

5. Customise notification settings. Employees can approval notifications, as well as reminders if they need to amend their passport or provide more details. Administrators can receive notification of uploaded evidence, with the ability to add additional emails per compliance rule.

6. Once saved, the new Compliance rule can be found in the Compliance Rule dashboard. You can edit the rule, duplicate it or delete at any time.

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