In cases where employers require the same types of compliance rules from a group of employees, they can do this by creating Compliance people groups. This enables employers to assign compliance rules to a group of people, instead of individually.

This can be useful in cases where, for example, a company has certain compliance requirements from contractors that differ from their permanent staff - in this case they can simply create a group and add in the contractor passports, then assign the required compliance rules to this particular group.

Here's how to create a compliance people group:

  1. Open Compliance People Groups

2. Click on Create new group

3. Label your people group

4. Click in the black space below Individual Rules and select the compliance rules you'd like this group of people to adhere to.

5. Repeat to add a group rule.

6. Click the blank space below Passport holders and select the individuals that you'd like to group together for this particular set of compliance rules that you have selected.

7. Once saved, the Compliance people group will be displayed in the Compliance people groups dashboard. You can edit or delete this group at any time.

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